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Contact: Dr. Sophie Carenco
CNRS | Sorbonne Université | Collège de France
Email:sophie.carenco*** (replace *** by @)

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Project "NanoFLP" was selected for funding by ERC Starting Grant Program 2017 and started in January 2018.

Opened positions (internships, PhD students, Post-docs) will be available in the course of the project.

Contact me directly to know more about the project.

Other Opportunities

Spontaneous applications from highly qualified and motivated candidates will be examined at any time. Obtaining your own external funding is encouraged, however we will do our best to provide funding for outstanding candidates. You will find below a list of opportunities for funding.


Contact information

Sorbonne Université - LCMCP
Tour 34-44, bureau 412, CC174
4 Place Jussieu
75252 Paris Cedex 05, FRANCE
sophie.carenco* (* is @)
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