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Team Recognition

Chemistry is a collective endeavour. Paradoxically, most awards & honors are bestowed onto single heads. While outstanding personal performance should be praised, the pattern they create is these of the whole team and should inspire all of us.

Hence this page, which lists some of the recognitions that befell on team members.

Scientific Awards

August 30, 2018: European Young Chemist Award for Clément

Clément was awarded the European Young Chemist Award-Silver Medal in the PhD Student category, at the EuChemS 2018 conference.


July 4, 2018: Best oral communication at SCF18 for Florian

At SCF18 Conference, Florian presented his results on iron phosphide nanoparticles, and received a "best oral communication" award!

Pic: [from left to right] Alexandre, Kim, Florian.


March 2018: Bronze Medal from CNRS

I was awarded the Bronze Medal of CNRS. This award recognizes the first results of a promising career in its early stages.

Bronze Medal

September 6, 2017: ERC project accepted

Project "NanoFLP" was selected for funding by ERC Starting Grant 2017 Programme


Outreach and Communication

November 20, 2017: Award at EYCN Photography Contest

My picture submitted to the Photochimica 2017 contest, organized by EYCN, was awarded the 3rd prize. It is titled "Thou shall burn" and was taken at the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley. Check the picture.


January 4, 2017: Award at SCF Photo Contest for Camille

The picture submitted by Camille to the SCF photo contest was awarded a prize!

The pic is titled "Ma vie en boîte" and features our beloved glovebox Baggy.


Travel grants

July 20, 2018: RSC Travel grant for Minh

For participating to the 7th EuCheMS conference in Liverpool in August, Minh was awarded a travel grant from RSC.


June 20, 2018: Kim awarded SCF-DivCat Travel Grant

Kim was awarded a Travel Grant by the Division of Catalysis of SCF, to participate to the international conference SCF18.


June 14, 2018: SCF Travel Grant for Clément

Clément was awarded a Travel Grant from the national board of SCF to participate to the 7th EuCheMS conference, this summer in Liverpool.


September 3, 2017: Nadège awarded ISGS Travel Grant

Nadège received the International Sol-Gel Society Travel Grant to partipate to the 2017 conference in Liège, Belgium.

She presented her work on functional silanes for building 2D and 3D nanomaterials.


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