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(Nano)Chemistry, inside and out

My research is centered on the design, synthesis and applications of nanoparticles using the tools of molecular and materials chemistry.

News and highlights

March 31, 2020: LCMCP Webinar

Rémi was the speaker of the third LCMCP webinar. He presented his recent results in two directions: metal carbides and metal oxides, in the context of colloidal catalysis.

With: Rémi


March 31, 2020: Review on Metal Oxysulfides

"Metal oxysulfides: from bulk compounds to nanomaterials": Everything you always wanted to know about these exquisite inorganic compounds, now published in an open-access journal.

With: Clément, Sophie


March 16, 2020: the lab is in lockdown, we keep up online!

As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemy, university are closing their doors. We keep the non-experimental activities going on (with adjustments): lab webinars, nanosurfs, project meetings, etc. The community is mobilised to help as much as possible at the local and national scale.


March 12, 2020: LCMCP Seminar

Antoine presented his work at the lab in the weekly seminar series. He discussed copper-containing nanoparticles in the context of sustainable chemistry.

With: Antoine


March 4-7, 2020: At ROCK beamline

This week, we are running experiments on the mechanism of formation of metal oxide and metal nanoparticles. We use the amazing Quick-EXAFS setup of ROCK beamline to measure XAS in solution during heating. Huge thanks to our colleagues on the beamline (especially: Valérie Briois and Laurent Barthe) for setting up the operando cell and helping us achieve the experiments!

With: Alexy, Rémi, Antoine, Alberto, Cyprien, Sophie


Feb. 28, 2020: Capturing Carbide Chemistry

Thanks to our colleague from the movie archives of CNRS, we captured a series of experiments on video, with professional quality. Now we will analyze these data and compare the reactions two by two!

With: Rémi, Sophie


Feb. 26, 2020: Workshop at Collège de France

Prof. Clément Sanchez organized a workshop on the broad topic of "Chimie Douce". I was invited to talk about "Nanoparticules minérales : des molécules aux matériaux".

Check the full program | Watch the video.


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Featured Results

Sodium, tell me what you do

We knew for years that sodium ions were mandatory to the formation of colloidal Gd2O2S nanoparticles... but we finally uncovered why! Read the story.


Copper flees the nest

Meticulous work at the bench and the microscope finally brought us to understand what happens to core-shell copper-nickel nanoparticles reacted with white phosphorus: copper migrates out!

This was achieved within a consortium of teams: two teams at Sorbonne Université, Nicolas Mézailles team at LHFA and Ovidiu Ersen team at IPCMS. Read the paper.


Bandgap: adjustable to your taste

Our study of the bandgap of (Gd,Ce)2O2S nanoparticles, combines synthesis, DFT, PDF, UPS, photoluminescence and more. We show how and why the bandgap is tunable from 4.7 to 2.1 eV, simply by playing on the lanthanide ratio in the solid solution. Read the paper.


Copper and NHC: finally united!

This article presents the first report of NHC-stabilized colloidal copper nanoparticles. Using a oxygen-free route, we formed, in one step, trully metallic copper nanoparticles stabilized by NHC ligands. The secret of this good match? An easy-to-reduce [CuMes]n precursor with a more stable NHC-borane adduct.

While XPS shows the NHC coordinated to the copper surface, a detailed study using radical traps proposes elementary steps for the reaction mechanism. Read the paper.


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